Chicago Policy Research Team

Policy reports from past editions of the Practicum, called the Chicago Policy Research Team (CPRT), include:

  • CPRT. 2016. Building Vibrant Communities. In one of the 2016 practicum classes, students assisted the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) in determining what contributes to a “vibrant” community in an order to address the goals outlined in the CHA's strategic plan, "Plan Forward: Communities that Work" (PDF of complete report).
  • CPRT. 2015. Confronting the Classroom: Evaluating the UTEP Experience. In this one-quarter practicum (which could count as a methods or windows course), student interviewed a random sample of alumni and current students in the Urban Teachers Education Program to evaluate the whether UTEP was meeting the ambitious pedagogical and practical goals of its teacher prep program. The CPRT reported to Tanika Island, the director of UTEP (PDF of complete report).
  • CPRT. 2012. Amplifying Arts: Establishing Sustainable Community Partnerships on Chicago's South Side. Working with the Logan Center for the Arts, the Washington Park Arts Incubator (WPAI), and the DuSable Museum of African American History, practicum students, working in anticipation of the opening of the Logan Center in 2012, explored ways in which these institutions could work to amplify the artistic and cultural activity of Woodlawn and Washington Park (PDF of complete report).
  • CPRT. 2011. Realizing Promise: Nurturing Children and Building Community in Chicago's Woodlawn Neighborhood. In 2011, the CPRT, in conjunction with the Woodlawn Children’s Promise Community (WCPC), investigated how to best address challenges related to early childhood development, public schools, after-school programs, children’s health care, and public safety in Woodlawn. Realizing Promise is the culmination of that research and of a rewarding collaboration with the WCPC (PDF of complete report).
  • CPRT. 2010. Deserted?: A Policy Report on Food Access in Four South Side Chicago Neighborhoods. In 2010, the CPRT investigated food deserts on Chicago’s South Side through qualitative, market basket, food source mapping, and demographic and survey research in Englewood, Washington Park, Gage Park, and Chatham. In June 2010 we presented our report, Deserted? to the City of Chicago’s Department of Family and Support Services (DFSS) (PDF of complete report).
  • CPRT. 2009. Chicago Promise: A Policy Report on Reinventing the Harlem Children's Zone. The CPRT was created in the 2009 practicum course that investigated the opportunities and challenges of reinventing the Harlem Children’s Zone in Chicago. Chicago Promise closely examined Englewood, Little Village, South Shore, Washington Park, and Woodlawn as potential Promise Neighborhoods. Our client that year was the City of Chicago’s Department of Family and Support Services (DFSS) (PDF of complete report).