Public Policy's 2015-2016 College Award Winners

Amos Alonzo Stagg Medal 

Vincent Beltrano

Campus Life and Leadership Award

Student Leader Award

This award recognizes 6 to 8 degree candidates who have demonstrated leadership in a single cocurricular endeavor and subsequently improved the quality of life on campus. The award recipients will have created a positive campus environment, enhanced the quality of student life, and worked to maintain a continuity of leadership.

These recipients receive a $300 award and are honored at the Student Leader Awards Ceremony, as well as, the College Honors Awards Reception hosted by President Zimmer and Dean of the College John Boyer.

Marie Fefferman

David L. Fulton Prizes for Orchestral Excellence

Victoria Mooers

Edith Ballwebber Prize

Emily Hunt        

Catherine Young

Ellis Bonoff Kohs Award for Orchestral Excellence

Anna Rimlinger

Harry S. Truman Scholarship

Samuel Boland

Howell Murray Alumni Association Award

One of the College's highest honors, this award recognizes graduating seniors who have made outstanding contributions to the University through co-curricular activities. In most cases, this award is presented to individual students who have made contributions to a range of campus organizations. 

Each recipient receives a $500 award, a medal, and is honored at the University's Alumni Awards Reception, the Student Leader Awards Ceremony, and the College Honors Awards Reception.

Emma Almon   

Russell Hathaway          

Tyler Ross

Humanitarian Award

Student Leader Award

The Humanitarian Award is presented to students who have lived a life of honesty, integrity, and responsibility, with a demonstrated commitment to the welfare of the greater community.

This award recognizes up to three registered students, undergraduate or graduate. The award amount is $300.

Samuel Boland

Joseph Stampf Medal

Nathan Brooks

Louis Sudler Prize in the Performing and Creative Arts

Alison Titus

Maroon Key Society

Student Leader Award

The College's honorary society, members serve as advisors to the Dean of the College and the Dean of Students in the College. Nominees must be second or third year students in the College who have been especially active in cocurricular activities, who have good communication skills, and whose academic performance has been strong with a minimum overall grade point average of 3.0. Inductees receive a commemorative pin and are honored at the Student Leader Awards Ceremony.

George Adames

Oluwaseyi Omonijo

Preethi Raju

Morgan Redmond

Charles Wood

Marshall Scholarship

Samuel Boland

Perry S. Hearst Prize

Student Leader Award

Bess Cohen

Phi Beta Kappa – Fourth Years

Emma Almon

Samuel Boland

Russell Hathaway

Brock Huebner

Erica Maricich

Tyler Ross

Robin Ye

You-You (Audrey) Zhang

RISE Up Award 

Student Leader Award

The RISE Up award recognizes students who have demonstrated the principles of RISE - Reflect. Intervene. Speak. Engage. Through their engagement with members of the campus community, student awardees represent our shared commitment to the values of diversity and inclusion.

This award recognizes up to three registered students, undergraduate or graduate, who are in good academic standing. The award amount is $300.

Vo Ram Yoon Yeo

Schwarzman Scholarship Program

Tyler Ross

Third Year International Travel Grant

Mary Bittner

Freddy Tsao

Thomas R. Pickering Fellowship

Russell Hathaway

UCIHP Clinical Excellence Scholars Program

Jennifer Qin

Andrew Rapoport

UCIHP Health Policy Scholars Program

Samuel Boland

Rachel Kupfer

Andrew Rapoport

Women’s Athletic Association and Order of the C Most Valuable Player Awards

Samuel Coleman

Thomas Meek