Public Policy's 2017-2018 College Award Winners

Fulbright U.S. Student Program

 Caroline Hutton

Gertrude Dudley Medal

This award is presented to the outstanding senior athlete for leadership and skill in women's athletics. This award is named for Gertrude Dudley, the first Chairman of the Department of Physical Education – Women's Division. Miss Dudley served the University from 1898-1935.

Mia Calamari

 Harry S. Truman Scholarship

Soreti Teshome

Howell Murray Alumni Association Award

One of the College's highest honors, this award recognizes graduating seniors who have made outstanding contributions to the University through co-curricular activities. In most cases, this award is presented to individual students who have made contributions to a range of campus organizations.

Each recipient receives a $500 award, a medal, and is honored at the University's Alumni Awards Reception, the Student Leader Awards Ceremony, and the College Honors Awards Reception.

Jocelyne Munoz

Maroon Key Society

Student Leader Award

The College's honorary society, members serve as advisors to the Dean of the College and the Dean of Students in the College. Nominees must be second or third year students in the College who have been especially active in cocurricular activities, who have good communication skills, and whose academic performance has been strong with a minimum overall grade point average of 3.0. Inductees receive a commemorative pin and are honored at the Student Leader Awards Ceremony.

 George Adames 

 Laura Brawley

 Ale Clark-Ansani

 Michelle Gan

Nikhil Mandalaparthy

Caroline Hutton

Morgan Redmond

Katherine Vega

Phi Beta Kappa – Fourth Years

 Claudia Benz

Yael Caplan

 Theo Grant-Funck

 Kelsie Harriman

 Maura Joyce

 Jasmin Lee

 Josh Mark

Farah Matoo

Shamini Nair

Kriti Ramakrishnan

Karen Sung

Sophia Wagner

Phi Beta Kappa – Third Years





Student Marshal

 Ale Clark-Ansani

Maryann Deyling

Quentin Dupouy

Emily Harwell

Kelsie Harwell

Josh Lam

Taylor Laties

Shelby Mahaffie

Andrew Mamo

Kriti Ramakrishnan

Carly Schulz