Richard Taub BA Thesis Prize Nominees

We had a stellar batch of BA thesis projects this year in PBPL Studies. Congratulations to the following nominees for the 2018 Taub Thesis Prize, which will be awarded on June 1: 

  1.  Cosmo Albrecht
    The Plurinational City: Urban Rights and Governance in Evo Morales’s Bolivia”
  2.  Madeline Anderson
    What Makes an Ideal Reparations Package?: A Typological Examination of Reparations for Jon Burge Torture Survivors
  3. Katie Bart
    Detailing the “Death of Democracy”: An Analysis of Emergency Managers’ Orders in Michigan School Districts
  4. Makenzie Elder
    The Ticking Time Bomb: An Exploration of High-Level Nuclear Waste Disposal Policy Implementation in the United States
  5. Meaghan Green
    Social Enterprise and Municipal Government: An Implementation Case Study of a Southern City’s Strategy
  6. Kelsie Harriman
    RESTORING JUSTICE: An Analysis of the North Lawndale Restorative Justice Community Court
  7. Maura Joyce
    Irish in the Republic of Ireland: Goodwill, not Good Use
  8.  Akshata Ketkar
    Citizen Response to Demonetization: Understanding Populist Supporters Sustained Loyalty Despite Policy Failures
  9. Jee Sun (Jasmin) Lee
    Measuring What Counts: The Implementation and Measurement of Social Emotional Learning in Chicago Public Schools
  10.  Angela Li
    Demolition in Detroit: The Effect of the Hardest Hit Fund in the Distressed Housing Market
  11. Rachael Maguire
    Organizations, Objectives, and Opposition: Barriers to the Temporary Workers’ Rights Movement in Chicago
  12.  Shelby Mahaffie
    Lost in Transition: Understanding Declines in Course Performance across the Transition to High School
  13. Joshua Mark
    This is Sanctuary Land: Chicago’s Homeless Shelters and Uptown Tent City
  14.  Farah S. Mattoo
    The Impact of Microfinance on Children's Education in Bangladesh in the 1990s
  15. Stephen T. Moreland
    Taking Control of Education: Effects of State Takeover and School District Turnaround in Lawrence, Massachusetts
  16. Caroline Olivero
    Why Incentivize? An Empirical Analysis of the Determinants of State Economic Development Incentives
  17.  Sanjana Sarathy
    Empowering Underserved Youth Through Financial Capability
  18. Karen Sung
    Intermediary Liabilities: Understanding How to Better Monitor and Regulate Hate Speech Content on Internet Platforms in the Digital Age
  19.   Soreti Teshome
    “We Survive but We Don’t Thrive: ”Perceptions of Black Undergraduate Student Representation and Support At The University of Chicago
  20.   Helen Zhang
    “It’s Like Learning a New Language:” High School Transition and the Role of Social Supports in Overcoming Challenges